Bara Crossing.

im gonna put this sign in my room and maybe the baras will get confused and visit me



Bara Crossing.

im gonna put this sign in my room and maybe the baras will get confused and visit me

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yo if you like baras and fab artists geri will take good care of you c;

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scrolling down my dash when i see that coffeebara post and like, i hadn't noticed that you reblogged it and immediately at the end i thought of you, jelly, and corrin. then i saw that you reblogged it and it makes the whole thing better

AHHAAAH YESSS bless you. I guess I’m too easy to read

me and the buddies have a rep ;D

but you gotta add faun-songs to the list she’s the most bara person I know~

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((also thank you guys for the kind messages about the argument last night, I’m just dating a sweet guy who turns into an angry little man child sometimes))

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The short story of me trying to properly wake up during the livestream.

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man why does every argument always boil down to “hey you kinda hurt my feelings” “yeah well the way you think is stupid so fuck you”

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When I find the perfect rock on the ground to add to my rock collection


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hagoro said:

Hey! I know you just got a puppy and I was wondering(since I myself just got a puppy a few days ago) how do you get him to sleep through the night without waking you up constantly? I've been getting 2-4hrs of sleep each night if I'm lucky, I'm just so sleep deprived and I want him to sleep :( He's about 2months old and is trained to go to the bathroom outside so it just makes it worse. If I don't wake up for him, he will whine constantly and get louder each time. I just need some tips u-u

((Hey hagoro I’m gonna answer this publicly in case any of my followers have any suggestions. Also I’m writing you a novel I have done so much goddamn research))

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Sob story short, my family is in the hole with about 2000$, thus our heating/hot water has been cut off for a month already. Given the fact that I’m renting an apartment in another city for university purposes, I don’t want to add to the debt by forcing mom to pay for my bills and rent as well, at least not until we’ve got the hot water issue cleared, so I will try to pay those myself. My rent was due on the 20th and I guess I can say I’m in a bit of a rush to get at least 200$ in the next few days. So any form of help is extremely appreciated!

Please send an email to with your tumblr url, the type of commission you want and one or more references of the character(s) you want drawn if you are interested in buying a slot or more. Slots are unlimited for now, I will update this post when I’ve got enough. The commission queue will be available here and will be updated with each new slot and the progress made.

Thank you so much and please help me by signal boosting this!

PS: I draw NSFW commissions too, ask about them!

I have half the rent money so I’ll be selling 2-3 more slots. Sorry for the constant reblogs, I’m already 5 days late so I’m panicky as heck right now ;n;

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lenalis replied to your post: so ozzy just sharted on my arm

no sharm in that

ersatzparts replied to your post: so ozzy just sharted on my arm

god help me i laughed

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