big mouths with lotsa teeth are my weakness tbh

* v* EXCELLENT we have two for toothy monsters now

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I like the way you draw teeth and body horror. So maybe more of that please?

O v O

my friend I like the way you think

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Well commissions are going fairly well sooo is there anything else you guys would like to see from me art-wise that I can work on in my down time? Like, certain characters or concepts or streams or whatever?

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AIGHT, first of two commissions for iamjustabitofchaos!

e ve y’all already know how much fun this was for me ahhhhHHH

[commission info]

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I just dreamt that I was about to engage in lesbian sex to obtain dragon powers

is this how it works? Is this the secret?

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man the shit that plays at the pg rating these days


extreme violence

death and mutilation

but nah that shit is pg nbd fun for the whole family

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I heard of u dip them in cold water try dry quicker. I haven’t tried tho ;;


I’ve heard of this but i haven’t tried it either :I

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i painted my nails and was like YO COOL but i forgot i can’t touch anything for like an hour now :U

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shslfuckup replied to your post: I’m literlly cryign it looks like his …

The bottom pic is literally just a nostril on top of flesh waves wtf.

I told him he has a flesh wave and he just about died laughing

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I’m literlly cryign it looks like his chins are taking over omgf

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