fractostratus replied to your post “Hey guys, does anyone have any suggestions for good horror let’s…”

I like Cryaotic’s playthroughs a lot. He has a nice voice, and he plays quite a few horror games.

ficklecandy replied to your post “Hey guys, does anyone have any suggestions for good horror let’s…”

Cry is really good. His voice is hella calming and he gets scared

I’ve been watching Cry for the last hour and I think I’m hooked, he’s really fun to watch, excellent decisions you two ;D


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I love Pete and his big honker. I saw your commission post and the little purple dude was so cute. I've been browsing your blog looking for this picture. Big noses + big monster hands = awesome shit!

everything I draw has big noses I don’t know how to stop

BUT THANK YOU AHH pete is a dweeb but he’s my dweeb so he has a special place in my heart v uv <3

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Hey guys, does anyone have any suggestions for good horror let’s players? Like people with good commentary? And who maybe actually get scared?

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the truth is out there.

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My milkshakes bring them all and in the darkness bind them. 

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This blog is perfect b/c it's got pugs and great art yo

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So I’m finally reopening commissions! Normally I make an information post, but this time, I got fancy and made a site for all my commission info, for the sake of organization, and to keep this post as short as possible.

All the info for commissions you need can be found here.

Slots are limited. Waiting list is limited.

Will be closing at the beginning of the school year.

I would super super appreciate any reblogs and signal boosting! ; v; Thank you so much everyone!

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my husband has arrived


my husband has arrived

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hhhh alright commission post is queued up and I got some last minute homework to do and I think that’s it I think I’m up to speed on all the shit that needs to be done

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u come into MY HOUSE

and ask me to make art of my ocs how can I refuse??


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